Children's Art

I adore this painting that my daughter Rebecca painted many years ago as a child. She actually sold a few of them on eBay - including this one - and ALL were as amazing as this one! I absolutely love children's art!


Abduction with Birds

I love painting abstracts! I put myself on automatic pilot and they just paint themselves, evolving and changing as the painting progresses until I come to a point that I feel they're DONE. Tricky - because I can keep painting and over painting until the spontaneity is lost and I have one big meaningless mess. 

"11:11 Abduction with Birds". 
11 x 14 inches
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
Available for purchase 
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Frederick Judd Waugh

This rugged seascape is a tribute to my great grandfather , noted marine painter Frederick Judd Waugh. Growing up I was surrounded by his paintings, writings and often told great stories about this master of the Rocks and Sea. Although I have not had the intense training that this man, who painted the sea his entire life had, I decided to give it a shot and paint one myself, inspired by one of his masterpieces. I'm happy with it!

9X 12  inches
Acrylic on canvas board
Available for purchase - email me at

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Catching the Surf

Catching the Surf 

We live in Southern Maine and have access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the state! Not far from our home is one of my favorites, Fortunes Rocks in Biddeford. A long sweeping expanse of white sand, skirting craggy red rocks and blue green surf make this a favorite spot for surfers and photographers alike. Painters too! Here is a quick painting I did of this beach with kids playing in the water and CATCHING THE SURF in their big red bucket. 

11 x 14  inches
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
Available for purchase - email me at

or purchase it on eBay



We have a new President! No one knows what America's future holds, but let's be optimistically positive that it will be a change for the better. Give Trump a chance and who knows, he may do great things!
So here I am taking a zen moment and imagining myself on the peaceful hike that Ken and I did yesterday after voting. The 1,223-acre Saco Heath Preserve has a 1.1 mile long trail and colorful boardwalk that zigzags through a wild cranberry bog. The trail is flat and easy with interesting flowers and plant life, making it almost surreal, like being in another world as you walk across what used to be ponds now filled in with reed moss and then sphagnum moss on top.The open preserve hosts a vast assemblage of plants including Labrador tea, sassafras, leather-leaf, rhodora, cottongrass, sheep laurel and scattered pitch pine, Atlantic white cedar, black spruce, and tamarack which grow on a mat of sphagnum moss and the woodland areas include red maple, white pine, atlantic White Cedar,  hemlock and black gum trees. If you're lucky you might glimpse a deer, moose, snowshoe hare or other variety of other wildlife here. We did not however . :-( 

Its an easy and interesting 2.2 mile hike, takes only a half hour back and forth, So check out the Saco Heath Preserve, Saco Maine next time you're in the area!



Hello People! I'm back and busy painting again so thought I'd pick up this old blog where I left off and sell some paintings. Wow - my last post was eight years ago so I hope I can remember how to blog again.
There have been lots of changes in my life since 2008! My 3 children are all off on their own and I now have a total of 8 grandchildren - with number nine due in April of '17. Oh how I love my little Grandies!!
 Rainy Portland SundayOh - and I have moved. I skipped town last year and am now living my life long dream in Maine with my SO, Ken and our two dogs. I love it here - It's like stepping back in time to another era - an easy going, slow paced, down home - DO WHAT YOU WANT, kinda place. Our house in the Maine Woods is only ten mins from the beach and beauty abounds here - from our back woods to hiking trails, gorgeous lakes and that beautiful rugged rocky sea that drew me here in the first place. Yes, LIFE IS GOOD!!
About this painting - "Rainy Day in Portland"
I love Portland - especially Old Port and the historic district. Its a hip and happening place, yet has all the charm of yesterday with its cobblestone streets and old architecture. Lots of boutiques, breweries, pubs and some of the best restaurants you will find in all of New England. 

9 X 12 inches
Acrylic on Canvas Board
Available for purchase - email me at